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Title Loans San Leandro, California

People that haven’t checked into title loans in California are often amazed at how easy they are to get. For example, if you’ve already applied elsewhere for a loan and repeatedly been turned down because your credit score is unacceptable, you’ll likely be approved for a title loan with Loan Cheetah. You see, we just don’t operate the same way as most lending institutions. Even if you have bad credit, but you own your car and have a clear title, we’ll give you a loan. We try to keep the loan process as simple as possible, and we even offer title loans for unemployed folks. Because your title secures the loan, we know you’ll do your best to make payments. Even if you don’t have any current income, there is a good chance you may have other sources of income from a pension plan or even alimony that could be enough to cover your loan obligations. We go out of our way to approve loans quickly and efficiently regardless of income or credit scores. The loan application is a snap with friendly loan representatives, and we will complete the entire loan process within about 24 hours of less.

What Is the Loan Process Like for Title Loans San Leandro?

Everyone applying for title loans in San Jose must apply online or apply by phone. The online application only requires:

  • The make, style, model and odometer reading of your car.
  • Your full legal name, contact phone number and your zip code.

Within moments, you’ll receive an online quote based on the information supplied in the application. Each applicant receives a telephone call from one of our experienced loan agents to talk about the terms of your loan. We will discuss your income at this time and work to determine the most affordable payments for your situation.

After we’ve agreed on the payments and due dates, we’ll draw up a contract stipulating all the terms of the agreement. Next, as a borrower, you need to drive to a convenient store location to have your vehicle inspected. This just confirms your vehicle meets collateral requirements.

After your vehicle inspection, you can read through your contract and ask questions. You’ll be required to sign the contract, and you are ready to collect your loan funds.

What Are the Loan Requirements for Title Loans San Leandro?

  • You must own the vehicle and have a paper title with no liens.
  • All applicants must be older than 17.
  • We require a gov’t id or driver’s license.
  • The vehicle should be covered under an auto insurance policy.

Completing Your Legal Agreement

Never rush into any kind of loan without understanding what you are committing to. There may be legal terms you don’t understand. You may need to ask questions.

To help to protect consumers, California regulations require that lenders provide information about the terms of the loan that you are agreeing to. Read these over carefully.

You should find the interest rate you’ll be charged and the total cost of the loan. The contract should also specify any administrative fees, your payment amounts and when payments are due.

The Benefits Our Customers Enjoy

  • Title loans in San Leandro payout in 24 hours or less.
  • Our loan representatives work to make sure your payments are affordable.
  • We offer some of the best interest rates in the industry.
  • We accept applicants with poor credit ratings, no ratings and even the unemployed.
  • Quick online application for convenience.
  • We’re open for business and questions seven days a week.

If you like the idea of professional services, low interest rates and bigger loan payouts, check into title loans in San Leandro today.

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