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Title Loans Santa Clara, California

Emergencies just can’t wait. They often strike at the worst of times like when you have no job or money. It can be difficult at best to figure out what to do when you’re financially strapped and do not even have any income. Loan Cheetah is understanding of these kinds of situations, and we are more than willing to offer title loans in Santa Clara to those who are in a bind and unemployed. We know that unexpected bills, car repairs or unforeseen bills can take you completely by surprise. Regardless of whether you are employed or not, you still need a quick, short-term loan to set things straight. To resolve financial issues quickly, we can lend you money using your auto as security for a title loan without a job. Basically, you are guaranteeing repayment for your loan by putting up your car as security. Often times, a short-term loan is just the kind of help you need to get through a few rough financial situations. Granted, clients might have to pay a little bit of interest for getting the loan, but the interest could be minimal when compared to what could happen if you don’t fix financial problems now.

How Do People Benefit From Title Loans Santa Clara?

  • Quick cash in only a day or less.
  • We offer very good interest rates on title loans in San Jose.
  • Online applications are convenient and simple to complete.
  • Down payments for loans aren’t required.
  • Customers can choose repayment arrangements.
  • Clients aren’t qualified using credit information.
  • How you spend money from title loans in California is strictly up to you.
  • Clients still have the freedom to drive vehicles anywhere they need to go.
  • No application fee required.
  • Several locations nearby to collect your cash.

What Are the Minimum Requirements to Be Approved for Title Loans Santa Clara?

A source of income is preferred like retirement income, disability or unemployment. However, even if you have no job at the moment, we can still work something out.

Applicants have to be 18 or older. We also need an identification card issued by a government agency to confirm people’s identities. Most importantly, we’re looking for clients with clear titles to their vans, trucks or cars.

What Kind of Information Is Required When Getting Loans?

Title loans in Santa Clara require just a little info pertaining to the automobile you’ll use for security. Of course some contact information about the vehicle owner is also needed. You can easily input this information on our online application.

  • You first and last name.
  • A number where you can be reached.
  • An email address for sharing information.
  • The zip code of your home address.
  • Mileage, the make and the year of your auto.

Customers receive an instant quote with the amount they could receive immediately. Next, new customers need to chat with a loan rep that explains the process and completes the loan.

Refinancing Title Loans

After getting an auto title loan, it is not all that unusual to be hit with another financial burden. Loan Cheetah realizes that customers could lose jobs or even have medical emergencies. We are more than willing to discuss your needs to see if we can’t remedy the situation with a refinance car title loan.


Lenders in California must legally address administrative costs, loan interest rates, due dates, payments and any miscellaneous fees associated with the loan. Always ask questions to resolve confusion before signing any loan papers.

Loan Cheetah is always on hand to answer questions you may have and to help clients get started with fast title loans in Santa Clara to resolve financial worries.

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