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Title Loans in Selma, Texas

Borrowing Money Is More Convenient Through Auto Title Loans In Selma, Texas

Most times when it comes to turning your assets into cash, you either have to sell them or see if you can pawn them for the maximum value you can get. Borrowing against your belongings is usually much more convenient because you don't have to worry about filling in paperwork or going through intense questionnaires that might come with some credit cards or bank loans. But it can be difficult to sell or pawn belongings because some of those belongings are so priceless you fear what might happen if they're sitting in a pawnshop and you're unable to get them back. Well fortunately, there is another option with our auto Title Loans San Antonio where you don't have to sell or pawn your items.

Auto title loans, also known as car equity title loans are loans that are sometimes mistakenly referred to as car pawn loans. That's a bit of a misnomer because while your vehicle is used to secure the loan, it is not kept away in a pawn shop until you repay your loan like most pawn loans require. Instead, auto title loans are secured when you surrender your car title to the lender and allow them to put a lien on it, but you can keep on driving your vehicle in the meantime. We have a network of auto title loans in Selma lenders that can assist you with your loan needs, and you can get started right here with our application.

Easy-To-Complete Application For Title Loans In Selma, Texas

It only takes minutes to complete our application's first step which is done online. The online application portion is filling in information about your vehicle including the make, model, year and mileage and then giving us your contact information so we can give you a quote for an auto title loan amount. We'll then ask when you prefer to be contacted so we can find you a deal on car title loans in Selma and point you to the nearest lender.

Once you're ready to complete your title loan paperwork with the lender, you can visit the lender and sign the documents indicating when you'll pay and what your interest rate will be. You will need to have your vehicle with you so it can be inspected and several other documents that can prove your identity, address, age and vehicle ownership. You must be at least 18 and completely own your vehicle, so you will need these documents when you come:

  • A driver's license, permanent resident card, military ID or other government card with a photo (cannot be a social security card or birth certificate)
  • Your vehicle title completely clear with your name
  • Paycheck stub, credit card bill, copy of a lease or one other document that can confirm your address and if need be prove you have income

Additional Uses For Title Loans In Selma

Car title loans are backed by your vehicle's market value, and since most lenders will have the necessary costs to cover any expenses in the event you default, you don't need to have a credit score check done on you. Our lenders also do not contact any of the three credit bureaus when you apply or are approved for a loan. You may or may not need any proof of income to be given an auto title loan, but it's helpful to provide proof that you do to make the approval process easier. Typically you can be approved for a car title loan in about 30 minutes and have your title loan funds in about 24 hours.

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