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Title Loans Springfield, Tennessee

Living in Springfield puts you just 30 miles away from Nashville, and you can reach that larger city in around 40 minutes or less on most days. Nashville is the country music capital of the world and home to dozens of concert venues, bars and nightclubs. Those clubs let you hear up and coming artists and some of your favorite stars nearly every day of the week. With title loans Springfield music fans can get help paying for those concerts. While your bank likely won't loan you a few hundred dollars to buy concert tickets, we'll let you borrow an amount up to the state limit based on how much your car is worth. We also let you borrow against motorcycles, SUVs and even trucks, and we can loan against commercial vehicles that you own too.

Some customers call us with questions about salvage title loans. A salvage title is a title given to a car that suffered damage in an accident. The insurance company will write off that car and view it as a total loss because it costs too much to repair. You can buy and fix up one of those vehicles for less than it would cost to buy a new or used car. While we will sometimes loan money to those with a salvage title, we encourage you to stop by your local office or call us to learn more. All other borrowers can apply for a loan online.

Title Loans Springfield Online

At Loan Cheetah, we offer title loans in Nashville for those who have a clean title. If you have questions like what are flex loans, you should know that these are flexible loans that come with easy repayment terms. Before you sign any loan documents or take out a loan, we will clearly explain how much you can borrow and how much you must pay every month. Our borrowers often find that we charge less than any other lenders do and that we offer affordable monthly payments. Those borrowers also like that we offer help with refinancing title loans. We can adjust the amount due each month, let you borrow money for longer than your original terms and offer other help for those who start the application process online.

Tennessee Laws

Tennessee created a series of laws that limit how much lenders can charge, but those laws also impact how much you can borrow. Even if you own a model that is just a year or two old, or you own a vehicle worth a significant amount of money, Tennessee law states that you can only borrow a maximum of $2,500 against that car. That is still enough cash to pay for an upcoming vacation or some minor projects around your home. The state also allows lenders to charge interest of 2% every month until you complete the terms of your loan. Lenders cannot charge fees equal to more than 20% of the total amount you borrow though.

Reasons to Obtain a Title Loan

The next time you feel like kicking up your heels in Nashville and dancing until dawn, why sit at home because you don't have enough cash for that trip in your bank account? With Loan Cheetah title loans, you can head to one of the hottest music festivals in Nashville, travel to Kentucky or go anywhere else you want to go. Our car title loans provide you with the cash that you need for those trips. With convenient title loans Springfield music fans can travel the world and see all their favorite bands without spending months saving.

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