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If you are in a financial position where money is short, you may feel stressed, depressed and scared. You may not know where to turn for help because you probably have exhausted most of your options. However, the good news is that you don’t have to bother family members and friends anymore. This time, you can ask a title loan lender for help. This is especially beneficial to you if you are in an urgent situation where you need money by tomorrow morning. That is the feature that title loans provide. You could get the money in your bank account by morning, but you must act fast. The process is smooth and easy. The lender’s representative will work hard to make sure that you get the funds necessary to solve your financial situation or change your financial state. Your responsibility in all of this is that you have to complete an online or phone application right now. Then you have to provide title loan requirements that include the original certificate of title, proof of age using a valid ID card or driver’s license and proof of income. That’s it and you could be eligible for a title loan today!

How Title Loans Work in Tyler, TX

Title loans Tyler offers to its residents are the simple solution to a financial setback. The title of your vehicle is what is considered an iron-clad security for the loan. Because you have this collateral, you are at an advantage. The good news for you is that you get to keep your car while you are paying down the loan. You will never lose your vehicle if you pay your loan. A thirty day loan term is often offered by the lender, making it easier to pay your loan without the stress of a long term obligation. The title loan lender is going to be the new lien holder of your vehicle until you repay the full balance. This is when you get your certificate of title returned to you.

Department of Motor Vehicle

Address: 1517 W Front St, Tyler, TX 75702

Phone: 903-590-2900


Emergency Cash with Title Loans Tyler

In comparison to other traditional ways of lending, title loans in Texas are reliable as long as you have clear title to the vehicle and regular income. All applicants are welcomed to apply for a title loan. No one is turned down as long as the simple requirements are met. Title loans are the simple solution to acquiring emergency cash.

Title Loan Laws in Tyler

There are legal requirements in the state of Texas, which are mandated by the Business and Commerce Code. Lenders are not allowed to go over ten percent in interest rate for title loans. 180 is the maximum period for borrowers to have and lenders to extend a title loan. Each loan term is thirty days, but you can rollover six times.

Credit Rating

For every applicant of a title loan, credit rating, credit scores and credit history is not a part of the prerequisite. A lender understands that anyone can have financial issues and won’t judge you because you do. Instead, the credit scores and ratings are surpassed and the lender relies only on your ability to pay by providing proof of income and the vehicle as collateral for the loan. Your credit rating will never impact the rate of interest that the title loan lender will charge you.

Police Department

Address: 711 W Ferguson St, Tyler, TX 75702

Phone: 903-531-1090


Refinancing a Title Loan in Tyler

If you have an existing title loan with another lender, you don’t have to restrict yourself when the interest rate is considered too high. There is always an option to reduce the interest rate and save money. Begin saving today by getting a title loan refinance with us.

Getting an Estimate for Title Loans in Tyler

You can get a title loan estimate today by providing the details of the vehicle such as its make, year, model and VIN number. We will run the information through the Kelley Blue Book and offer you a percentage of the fair market value as your loan amount. This takes less than five minutes. Contact us today!

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