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You could just bust your buttons right now; you're so proud. Your kid just got accepted into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A Top 20 public school! The only thing putting a damper on your celebration is money. You have no idea how you're going to pay for tuition, books, and all of the other things that go along with college life.

It's understandable to feel down, but don't feel down for long. We can offer you a solution. Many people in your same position have come to us to apply for title loans in Champaign/ Urbana. True enough, they may have a different reason for borrowing than you do - think overdue ER bills, home makeovers, and vacations - but they need the money just the same. And we have it for them. And for you.

Here's how it works if you've never looked into title loans in Urbana. We basically ask you to put up some sort of collateral, in this case the title to your car. This is all the security we need to lend you some much-needed cash.

We should also take the time to say that your credit doesn't determine the outcome of this loan. Unlike a bank loan, which often requires perfect credit or maybe even a co-signer, title loans are completely different. If you have credit that is, shall we say, challenged for some reason, that's okay. Really. Your car's title is enough.

But… getting a title loan and paying it back counts as a really solid way to put your finances back on the road to recovery and even health. That is possibly the best long-term reason to work with us!

If you feel confident that this is the type of deal you've been looking for, continue on down the page. You'll get the facts about applying for loans.

Title Loans Urbana: Our Application

Usually loan applications require pages and page of paperwork and lots of time spent sitting in the lobby of a bank somewhere in Urbana. We don't require that. We don't actually even expect you to leave your house during the application process. Here's the title loan requirements you do need for this online application:

Info about your car:

  • Miles
  • Make/model
  • Year

Info about you:

  • Zip
  • Name
  • Phone

You won't have to wait long to find out how much money you can potentially borrow. After you submit our company's application form, an estimate will appear on your screen. Following that, we'll contact you to visit with you about the final stages of the loan application. We assign a representative to you to help you through this part. If anything remains unclear, please don't hesitate to bring it up to your rep.

Title Loans Urbana: Your Legal Rights

Title loans in Illinois have a great deal of regulations that go along with them. This industry gets the scrutiny of our industry's regulators on the state and federal levels. These people create laws that are designed to protect the consumer throughout the duration of that person's loan contract.

What that means in your case is that your loan paperwork comes complete with the following info:

  • Total borrowed amount
  • Total interest
  • Number of payments
  • Length of time until the loan is paid in full

Final Thoughts on Getting a Title Loan

  • You are protected by industry rules and regulations. Everything you want to know is written down in your loan contract for you to read at any time.
  • Our application is easy and convenient to fill out. No afternoons spent in a bank lobby required.
  • Your credit can be helped by a title loan. A score beat up by events like a period of unemployment or even a bankruptcy can get new life. You can spend the money the way you see fit.

With all these advantages, you can clearly see why online title loans are just the remedy you need to solve your immediate and future money woes. Please let us help you today. Apply now!

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