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A title loan is a type of funding where borrowers use their vehicle as collateral. Borrowers who wish to get a vehicle loan should place a lien on their car title. The borrower must then surrender a hard copy of their vehicle title in exchange for the credit. Once the loan matures, the car title is returned to the borrower. The lien is thereafter removed from the title. Title creditors do not consider the credit history of its borrowers. However, the amount of credit a borrower may earn is limited. Some of the factors that determine the credit value include the market value of the asset used as collateral, the amount of money requested, and the applicant’s ability to pay back the loan.

Title loans are growing in demand due to the impacts they have on people. Financial futures for more people remain cloudy and unpredictable. Additionally, an emergency need may arise during stormy monetary times. Car title loans are particularly important during medical emergencies. During such emergencies, medical support is required immediately. Lack of ready cash can get calamitous for the sick. A car title loan can be a good solution during such calamities. When unforeseen occurrences happen, such as death, funeral expenses can be quite overwhelming. A car title loan should cover all costs sustained during the funeral preparations.

Title loans Winter Park; application

While looking for title loans in Winter Park, consider the Loan Cheetah Company. The company is highly renowned in Winter Park and Orlando for their quick response to applications. The organization processes loan requests within 24 hours of application. The creditor offers services such as auto pawn loans, salvage loans, and title loans. Most of these services are offered via the internet making it quite an easy way of borrowing money.

Loan Cheetah requires only two documents to award loans. These documents are proof of age such as an I.D and the title of the asset used as collateral. Applicants for title loans in Orlando and Winter Park should provide a few details while seeking credit. Data collected by creditors include:

  1. The applicant’s basic contact information such as name, phone number, and zip code
  2. The vehicle’s mileage
  3. Make and model of the car

After meeting the requirements as mentioned above, the company will then designate a loan representative who will refine all contractual details with the applicant. Some of these details include:

  1. Title loan estimate
  2. Interest rates applicable
  3. Duration of time before the loan matures

This easy process has made it easy for many adults of age to access quick funding. Additionally, title loans in Winter Park offer the benefits of speed, accuracy, low-interest rates, high cash payouts, and little time investment.

Legal regulations on loans

Title loans in Florida are regulated by law to minimize occurrences of conflict between the lender and the debtor. Specifically, the Florida Title Loan Act of 2000 protects title loan borrowers. The act places a ceiling on the interest rates chargeable on every loan. The law also recommends parties under contract to use written agreements. The creditors in Florida must not compromise on credit quality as required by the statute.

Is a title loan beneficial?

Some of the benefits associated with title loans include:

  • Car title loans require less value in form of collateral as compared to other lenders such as banks
  • The requirements needed by lenders are minimal. All that the borrower needs to have is a vehicle title and proof of age
  • A title loan is a fast way of accessing funding during emergencies. They are processed within 24 hours of request
  • Most title loan lenders offer competitive interest rates, flexible payment options, and more value for the collateral equity
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