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Title Loans in Idaho

It's not surprising that more people are relying on title loans in Idaho to help them out with rising costs, small emergencies and unanticipated bills. Anyone working for minimum wage or more can easily qualify for a vehicle title loan. Car title loans are predominately designed for short-term use. However, approved borrowers can decide what they want to spend the money on. Title loans are often used to cover veterinary costs, medical emergencies, dental bills and repairs around the home. You can even use the funds for starting a new business, replacing old appliances or making new purchases. These are secured loans, so you must offer something of value like your automobile to secure the loan. Farmers, contractors, realtors, cashiers, teachers, college students and self-employed people enjoy easy qualifying with no credit checks. Eliminating the credit check process makes it possible for us to process loans far faster and qualify more people for the cash they need today. Collateral loans even make it possible to get sizeable loan offers with better interest rates than those offered with unsecured loans. Loan Cheetah will help you to find the most affordable repayment plan for your household with cash in just 24 hours.

When to Seek out Title Loans in Idaho

Cash from a car title loan can be used for a number of things like:

  • Providing the cash to keep your monthly payments current, so you avoid late payment charges, interest increases or dings on your credit report.
  • Extra cash really comes in handy during moves to cover high moving costs, bills you hadn't anticipated and extra gas charges incurred during the move.
  • Ideally, title loan cash can be very helpful for paying off bill collectors.
  • Loan funds come in very handy when transitioning to a new job and you're in between paychecks.
  • The money can also be helpful with major lifestyle changes like the birth of a new baby, divorce or other costly bills.
  • You can always use the cash to start the small business you've always wanted.
  • Car title funds are often the perfect solution when you need to make safety repairs to your car or around the home.
  • Lots of folks use loan funds to cover emergencies or regular monthly bills when they are running short of cash.

Checking out the Features & Benefits of Car Title Loans

No Pre-payment Penalties

We would be happy to calculate your final pay off amount if you can pay off your loan early. There is no charge for this service to the borrower.

Neighborhood Loan Stores

We maintain a huge number of stores throughout Idaho where you can easily take care of your loan needs at your convenience.

Borrowers Keep Their Cars

Taking away your primary source of transportation during the loan would only place a hardship on the borrower. You are free to travel wherever you want to go if you loan payments remain current.

Generous Loan Offers

Securing a loan with collateral makes it possible for us to grant larger loan offers for our customers. We can also provide borrowers with the most competitive rates to keep payments down to a minimum.

Customized Loan Repayment Plans

Our goal is to find a repayment plan that meets the needs of each customer. We will listen to your concerns and preferences to help you to find the right repayment plan or even customize a plan to keep payments manageable.

Quick Cash

Loan Cheetah specializes in fast loans. We're proud to be able to pay out loan funds within one business day of receiving an application.

Helpful Information About the Application Process

Do You Meet the Conditions to Get a Loan?

  • The state of Idaho requires us to check your driver's license to make sure you are at least 18 for loan approval.
  • Loan Cheetah requires some type of proof that you have a reliable source of money to make payments on title loans in Idaho.
  • To meet the collateral condition, you must be willing to offer a working automobile and hold the lien free title in your name.

Choosing an Application Method

  1. If you have a busy work schedule, you may just prefer to phone in your application details.
  2. Some folks really do prefer to do business in person to give them a chance to ask questions before filling out an application. You are welcome to come into a loan store to visit with a loan representative and complete an application.
  3. If you are ready to complete an application for title loans in Idaho, you may just prefer to fill out our online application at your convenience.

Signing Up for a Car Title Loan

To fill out the application, you'll need to include:

  • Name, zip code and telephone number.
  • The year of your auto with a mileage estimate and the make, model and body style.

Checking out Your Personalized Loan Estimate

There is no need to wait around for a loan quote when you can easily calculate your own loan estimate using our title loan estimate calculator.

Taking Care of the Legal Paperwork

The legal paperwork is handled through one of our local loan stores. To begin the process, we will need to see your government identification card or your driver's license and the hard copy of your vehicle title. Next, we will give you a copy of your contract for your review.

Contracts must comply with Idaho title loan laws, which state the conditions of the loan such as the terms, the interest rate, the cost of the interest, the amount of the loan and applicable fees. In addition, you will also receive your repayment schedule for the loan.

After signing the contract and completing the paperwork, you are free to spend your loan funds.

Stay on top of your finances today with quick title loans in Idaho.

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