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Title Loans Kansas

Title Loans Kansas

With the economy so versatile, and emergencies so unpredictable, many Kansas residents experience fast-cash situations. Fast-cash situations are situations that a person can only solve with an immediate cash deposit. Examples of fast-cash situations are car breakdowns, house appliance breakage, overdue bills and arrests that require bail. Car title loans are cash advances that can help with the previously stated fast-cash situations. Auto title loans in Kansas are not restricted to emergencies, however. Consumers can use them for business ventures, shopping sprees and vacation trips, as well. The consumer has total control over how he or she spends the proceeds.

Information on the Title Loans Kansas Residents Need

Auto title loans are quick cash advances that consumers can receive if they own a vehicle. They are secured loans, and the lender secures such loans by placing a lien on the consumer’s vehicle. The consumer still gets to drive the vehicle during the life of these collateral loans, however. The lender only seeks to repossess the vehicle if the borrower is uncooperative about repaying the proceeds. Many Kansas residents seek car title loans because the lender bases them on the value of the vehicle. Therefore, a consumer can receive a title loan for thousands of dollars, whereas the average payday borrower can only be borrow up to $500 because of the regulations.

Requirements for Vehicular Collateral Loans

A consumer must meet several title loan requirements before he or she applies for a secured loan with a vehicle. First, the person must be at least 18 years or older. Title loans are contracted agreements, and minors cannot legally sign such agreements. Next, the person who is applying for the advance must be the owner of the vehicle. The title must also be in the person’s hand so that the lender can place a lien on it. The individual should also have a list of references that the lender can call to ensure that he or she is a reliable borrower. Each lender varies on the number of references that it may request from its applicants. Some ask for three while others ask for as many as 10 references.

How to Apply for Title Loans Kansas Residents Need

An interested person can apply for a title loan by completing a brief online form. The person will have to enter important information such as his or her name, address, phone number and email address. The individual will have to provide information on the vehicle such as the year, make, model and mileage. The lender will use the information to determine a car title loan estimate figure to provide the prospective borrower. The agent will then return the prospective customer’s call and give that person the quote figure. If the person is happy with quote, then he or she can visit the office and complete the transaction. Someone will need to inspect the vehicle to ensure that the quote is correct. The lender will disburse the funds once the customer signs the contract.

Loan Repayment

Title loans are generally due back within 30 days. These cash advances having a longer repayment than payday advances have, but people still refer to them as short-term cash advances. Borrowers can visit the branch to make payments on their cash advances, or they can arrange to have their loan proceeds deducted from their bank accounts. Customers should notify the lender if any problem arises that would cause the payment to fail. Agents may be willing to work out a special arrangement that will help the consumer repay the advance.

An interested consumer can request secured loans today. All the resources for a smooth and friendly title loan transaction have been provided in the previous text. Title loans can be quite beneficial for a consumer as long as he or she takes it responsibly and repays it on time.

Repossession Laws in Kansas

Kansas borrowers should be clear on the repossession laws in the state so that they know that they should have no fear when it comes to obtaining title loans for their needs. The title lender is only permitted to repossess a vehicle after it gives the consumer a 20-day “right to cure” notice. The notice allows the consumer to make an effort to fix the problem before the lender repossesses the vehicle. Usually, the problem that needs to be fixed is a late payment, and the parties can resolve the problem rather quickly.

Kansas DMV Branches

Kansas has several Department of Motor Vehicle branches that borrowers can visit for various reasons. The DMV branches are available for title changes, registration renewal, license copies and the like. The Wichita branch is located at 1823 W 21st St N in zip code 67203. The phone number there is 316-821-9920. The Junction City branch is at 139 E 8th St in zip code 66441. The phone number there is 785 238-1814. An extensive list of locations can found on the website.

Towing Companies in Kansas

Towing companies are always good to have in any town in Kansas. One phone number to a good Wichita towing company is Ken’s Auto Tow. Ken’s Auto Tow has positive consumer reviews, and the establishment is available to assist 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Ken’s Auto Tow also provides roadside assistance services and on-call rescues. The company is located at 3760 S. Broadway in zip code 67216. The phone number to the establishment is 316-665-6527. Drivers can contact the establishment by phone call, email or online form.

Attorneys in Kansas

Any title loan borrower who thinks that he or she has been treated unfairly can contact an attorney who knows unfair debt collection and other unfair consumer relations. One Kansas attorney who can help with unfair debt collection practices is Rick Hodge. His firm specializes in creditor harassment and unfair debt collection. The number to his firm is 800-836-3617. Kansas borrowers can feel secure about taking a title loan because they have specialists who can assist if things go sour.

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