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Title Loans Lubbock, Texas

Title Loans Lubbock, TX

Title loans in Lubbock, TX are a forgiving source of quick cash when you have an unexpected financial need. These short-term loans are meant to get you through until you have access to cash again, and they are set up to get everything done quickly and easily.

With car title loans in Texas borrowers use their car’s title as collateral for the loan. They don’t work the same way as bank loans. Instead, your title goes to your lender while you repay. Once your loan is paid off, often in 60 days or less, your title is returned to you. With these short term title loans, Lubbock borrowers can often get cash in as little as 24 hours to help when money is tight.

If you are short on cash, you may consider borrowing some money. Taking money from a friend or relative can lead to problems in your relationship with them because those agreements are never totally clear. Borrowing money from a professional lender center is always the safest way to proceed. It can be overwhelming how many hometown loan options you have to pick from if you live in Lubbock, Texas. Some of them include installment loans, access business loans, payday loans, and car title loans.

So why do we advise you to get an auto title loan? These loans are easy to be approved for - almost all customers are approved to get a vehicle title loan - and you'll obtain the cash in a matter of hours. They are fast as payday advance loans but without high-interest rates. By getting a car title loan, Texas residents can help make ends meet in between paychecks or any time money is tight. As long as you know what you are borrowing and when you are expected to pay it back, title loans are a legal and safe way to get cash when you are in a pinch. Especially if you get your loan from a trustworthy lending company like ours, with all the business licenses.

Car Title Loan

Title loans are a simple way to get fast money. The terms and conditions and the entire process are pretty straightforward. Most customers opt for this type of loan because of how easily and quickly they can obtain one.

What do you require to ask for a title loan? You'll need to be 18 years old or older and own a vehicle. In addition, your car's title must be lien-free. Since your vehicle works as collateral, you don't have to show proof of your credit history. That's why people with a bad credit score or no credit history at all prefer car title loans - your credit doesn't matter here; we won't bother you about that.

Even though they are often regarded as car title loans, you can use any vehicle as collateral. For example, you can apply for a motorcycle title loan.

The application process can be done online. You will have to fill out a form to get an estimate of how much money you can borrow. The form only takes two minutes, and you can do it from the comfort of your couch or bed. We will ask you to leave us an active email address and your telephone number. One of our lender specialists will get in touch with you to proceed with the rest of the process. If everything is in order, you can do a quick cash pickup in one of our stores from your area.

And we still haven't told you the best part: you can keep your car while repaying for the loan. We'll only ask you for the vehicle's title; we'll give it back when the loan is repaid.

Lubbock, TX Rights as a Borrower

With title loans, Lubbock borrowers are protected by Texas state law. There are certain things your lender can and cannot do, and it is important to be aware of them as you go through the lending process.

When you get a title loan, lenders are allowed to:

  • Issue cash to the borrower plus a fee or interest
  • The amount borrowed and the interest charged are restricted in many Texas cities, not including Lubbock
  • Hold a title until a loan is repaid
  • If the loan cannot be repaid, a lender may repossess the vehicle and sell it

As a borrower, though, your have your own set of rights which include:

  • Loan fees should not be charged to you upfront (before receiving the loan)
  • All loans should come with a loan agreement covering all terms of the loan
  • If repossession is to occur, the towing company cannot disturb the peace

If you believe your rights as a borrower are being abused, contact your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible to file a report:

Chief of Police For Lubbock: Greg Stevens

Non-Emergency Number For The Lubbock Police Department: (806) 775-2865

You may also file a complaint online with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or use their resources to seek further assistance if you find that you are dealing with a disreputable lender. If you have questions about your rights as a borrower or want help finding a title loan Lubbock borrowers can trust, you can always give us a call. We’ll make sure you understand all your rights as a borrower and can even connect you to reputable Texas title lenders.

Repossession in Lubbock

If, for any reason, you are unable to pay off your loan as specified in your loan agreement, contact your lender directly to understand what your next steps are and how you may avoid repossession. In such cases, your lender can offer you to refinance your loan. With a refinancing plan, the terms of your original loan agreement will be re-evaluated. You can get an extension of your repayment period or renegotiate the monthly payments for a more affordable option. If you have any questions about how repossession works in Lubbock, you can contact a local auto repossession company for more information.

  • Panhandle Recovery Services, Inc. - (806) 553-5733
  • Speedy Repo - (800) 953-4428

Remember that towing companies may enter property such as a yard or driveway to reclaim a vehicle, but they cannot disturb the peace in the process. While the term is not specifically defined by the state, it may include harassment to the buyer, verbal or nonverbal threats, property damage, or making physical contact with the vehicle owner. Any disturbance of the peace by the towing company should be immediately reported to local law enforcement for investigation and further review.

Emergency Title Loans Lubbock, TX

A long weekend is coming up, and all you want is a getaway. Did your car break down again at the end of the month? All those unexpected expenses and more can be paid with title loan cash.

Lubbock auto title loan companies are here to help you. At Loan Cheetah, we are more than happy to assist you through the entire process. Don't stress when money is tight; the solution is right here. Contact us today, get your loan approved in a few hours, and drive to your nearest store for the cash pickup.

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