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All About Wisconsin Title Loans

When you have bad credit, running into a financial problem is terrifying. Why? Because you know solving the problem is going to be extremely tough. Banks don't hold their doors wide open to people with bad credit. They prefer to work with customers who have perfect credit and great jobs.

In fact, if your credit is damaged (or you don't have any credit at all), you have only four borrowing options to choose from.

1.Borrow from friends or family. Asking mom or dad may get you the money you need; then again, it may not. Either way, asking for help is embarrassing and awkward.

2.Pawn your personal belongings. Pawn shops with give you cash for your valuable possessions, but don't expect much. These shops are notorious for only loaning a tiny fraction of the value of your items.

3.Get a payday loan. Payday loans are basically payday advances. You write a post-dated check for the amount of money you're borrowing plus the interest the lender is charging. The lender then deposits your check on your very next payday. These extremely short-term loans often trap people into a cycle of debt because paying the money back so soon creates hardship.

4.Get a car title loan.

What are Car Title Loans Wisconsin?

At Loan Cheetah, we specialize in auto title loans in Wisconsin. Car title loans in Wisconsin are what is known as secured loans. This means that you, the borrower, must put up the title to a vehicle you own free and clear as collateral to secure the loan from us, the lender.

Your car's title is an extremely valuable form of collateral. Why do we ask for something of such high value? For two very good reasons.

  1. Your car is probably worth thousands of dollars. Because we base our loan amounts on what your vehicle is worth, we're able to loan you significantly more money than if we were basing it off of your credit.
  2. Having this valuable form of security to back your loan enables us to skip the credit approval process.

Did you read that last part? At Loan Cheetah, we will not check your credit. Your car title is all the assurance we need that you'll make your payments. That makes vehicle title loans in Wisconsin the perfect borrowing solution for people struggling with credit that has been damaged by:

  • Divorce
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Foreclosure

We can even approve a loan for you if you've filed for bankruptcy!

How to Qualify for Car Title Loans Online

At Loan Cheetah, our car title loans online involve a four-step qualification process. If you can say "yes" to the four questions below, we can approve your loan application!

  • Do you earn enough money to make your loan repayments?
  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you a legal United States citizen?
  • Do you own a car whose title is in your name?

It's as easy as that!

Now, many of our customers have questions about what constitutes as income. See, we have customers who apply for loans because they've just lost their jobs and need money to live on until they get new ones. Does not having a job automatically disqualify a person from getting car title loans in Wisconsin with us? Not at all! As long as you have some form of regular monthly income, we can proceed with your application. We accept all types of income, such as:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Rental income
  • Inheritance
  • Disability
  • Pension
  • Unemployment
  • Worker's compensation

We can even accept family support, if it's regular and verifiable. We can accept bank statements as proof of these types of income.

We're also regularly asked questions about vehicle ownership. We accept titles to any vehicle you own outright, with no more payments owed. The vehicle in question can be a car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, RV or commercial vehicle. The title itself MUST be in your own name.

But what if you've lost your title? Don't worry! We can work around that, too! Simply visit your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a duplicate title. As soon as you get the duplicate, come to us to complete your application.

Applying for a Car Title Loan with Loan Cheetah

You can start your application for an automobile title loan right now, on our website, by getting a car title loan estimate. Our quotes are absolutely free and come with no strings attached! Click on the link to our quote form and answer the prompts about your vehicle. Provide us with your contact info and hit send!

You'll immediately be directed to a page with your personalized quote on it. How did we come up with the number you see? We use the information you gave us about your vehicle, including its age, make, model and mileage, to determine its worth in today's market. Then, we create a loan amount based on that value.

Why do we ask for your contact information? So that one of our friendly loan specialists can give you a quick call. She's only interested in introducing herself and answering any questions you might have. If you'd like to proceed to the full application, she can make you an appointment to come to one of our storefronts in your area. While we can take some of your information over the phone, we still need you to visit us to allow us to inspect your vehicle. You'll also need to sign your loan documents and pick up your money.

When you come to see us, please bring the following things with you:

  • Your driver's license or other form of identification
  • Mail or a copy of your lease to show your address
  • The car title
  • The car itself
  • Proof of income in the form of pay stubs or bank statements

The full application is very quick. We'll have you back out the door, money in hand, in as little as an hour! Best of all, you get to keep your car. We'll only hold on to the title. Once your loan is paid up, we'll return the title to your keeping.

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