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Title Loans Pennsylvania

You need money fast, but are you being held back from the funds you need by a bad credit score? Credit problems in the past can often prevent you from accessing lines of credit and traditional bank loans. By taking out title loans, Pennsylvania residents can take advantage of the opportunity to access fast cash with minimal income verification and no credit check. A title loan works similarly to pawning other items of value. The main difference is that you are able to continue driving your vehicle while paying back the loan. In the case of a car title loan, we will evaluate the value of your vehicle based on current values and provide you with a loan based on what we believe your vehicle to be worth. At Loan Cheetah, we are committed to providing fair, honest lending opportunities. While you are paying back your title loan, we will hold the title of your vehicle until the loan is repaid in full. We completely understand that you have responsibilities, including work, that require transportation. Continue driving your vehicle with no worries. When you need fast access to cash but you have credit problems, we are here to help.

How to Apply for Title Loans Pennsylvania

The process to apply for title loans in Pennsylvania is much easier and faster than you might think. By applying for title loans online, you can save a tremendous amount of time. There is no need to take time off from work or away from your family responsibilities. You can begin the process online by providing basic information, such as your name, telephone number, and zip code. We will also require some information about the vehicle you plan to use as collateral for your loan. This information includes the make and model of the vehicle as well as the number of miles on the vehicle. With this information, we will be able to determine the value of your vehicle and provide you with an estimate for your loan. The final step in the loan process is for you to speak to one of our loan representatives to finalize the loan details. Overall, the process is incredibly fast, ensuring you do not have to wait days or even weeks to receive a loan decision, as is often the case with a bank loan.

Legal Requirements for Title Loans Pennsylvania

One of the most common questions many people have when applying for title loans in PA is who is eligible for a title loan. It should be understood that since a title loan is based on the amount of equity you have in your vehicle, you must own the vehicle outright. If you still owe money on the vehicle or the bank or lender still has the title to your vehicle, you will not be able to use it to secure your title loan. You must have a clear title to the vehicle. Furthermore, you must be listed on that vehicle title. Other requirements include providing a minimum age of 18 and your residence. You will also need to provide proof of a steady source of income as well as a source of identification and references. Please note that while you do need a steady source of income, that does not necessarily mean you need to be employed. We are able to approve title loans even if you are currently unemployed. You simply need a regular source of income to ensure you will be able to make regular payments on your title loan.

How You Can Benefit from a Title Loan in PA

When applying for title loans in Pennsylvania, you can benefit from a number of advantages. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a title loan for most people is that it is fast and easy. When you are facing a financial emergency, you simply do not have time to wait for a loan decision from a bank. Even the process of applying for a bank loan can be overwhelming. Not only is there a massive amount of paperwork to complete, but the lending guidelines can also be extremely strict. If you do not have stellar credit, there is a good chance you will not be approved for a bank loan. This is not the case with a title loan. Even if you have had credit problems in the past, you could still qualify for a title loan.

Credit cards can be convenient, but if you have maxed out your cards, that may not be an option, either. Furthermore, credit cards are not accepted everywhere, which could still leave you stuck wondering how you are going to handle your financial needs.

You may also use the proceeds from your title loan wherever and however you see fit. When applying for a bank loan, the bank will usually require you to provide your reason for the loan. There is no need to do so when applying for a title loan. It is up to you how you use the loan. Possible options include:

  • Auto repairs
  • Home repairs or improvements
  • Medical bills or expenses
  • Overdue bills
  • Taking a vacation
  • Paying for a special occasion or event
  • Wedding expenses
  • College tuition

You can also use different types of vehicles as collateral for your title loan, including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.

Are you looking for a title loan without a job? Anyone can fall on hard times. We completely understand that. Perhaps you are between jobs, you have been laid off from work, or you work in a seasonal industry. Whatever the case may be, the lack of a job does not have to prevent you from receiving the money you need with a title loan. You could even qualify for a title loan if you find yourself in the following circumstances:

  • No job or receiving unemployment benefits
  • No credit history or bad credit
  • Receiving Social Security benefits
  • You are receiving disability benefits
  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy

You could even qualify for a title loan if you are receiving alimony or child support as your regular source of income.

There are a few things you should be aware of when applying for a title loan, including title loan interest rates. We are pleased to provide competitive interest rates for our title loans. Prior to accepting your title loan, you should always take the time to understand the applicable interest rate. In addition, be sure you are aware of the payment schedule, including the amount of the payments and when the payments will be due.

Other common questions regarding title loans in Pennsylvania include the amount of the loan. Each borrower’s situation is unique, but in general, the amount of the loan will be based on the value of your vehicle and the amount of equity you have in the vehicle. Once you have provided us with some basic information, we will be able to create a customized loan estimate. The length of your loan will also depend on your specific situation. This information will be determined during the application process.

If you would like to settle your title loan prior to the due date, you certainly may do so. In the event you would like to pay off your loan before the due date, there are no prepayment penalties for doing so. The repayment guidelines for a title loan are extremely flexible. We understand that everyone has unique circumstances and what works for one borrower might not work for someone else.

In the event that you experience a hardship and find you are not able to make your monthly loan payments, that is not a problem. We understand that things happen. Simply contact us and we will make arrangements to restructure your title loan to provide you a reduced, more affordable payment.

There are also no application fees to apply for a title loan. Curious about how much you could borrow using a title loan? Go ahead and apply and we will be happy to provide you with a loan estimate along with the details of the loan. There are no fees involved for applying.

In most cases, we are able to complete your loan application, approve you for a title loan and provide you with access to the cash you need within 24 hours.

Title loans provide many benefits over other options, including payday loans. While a payday loan typically must be paid back over the course of two weeks, you can benefit from a longer repayment period with a title loan. Also, depending on the value of your vehicle, you may be able to borrow more money with a title loan than with a payday loan.

When you need money fast, it is only natural to wonder where you can turn. If you have had poor credit in the past, you may find your options limited. In such situations, a title loan can provide you with the fast access to cash you need. Stop worrying about your finances and apply today. The application process is fast and simple.

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